About this idealistic, bohemian, spiritual, and open-minded Muslim inspirer.

Growing up

Raised in Alief, Texas by her parents and the public-school system there, Nour soon learned that they both share the same values: freedom, faith, peace, love, empathy, charity, hope, happiness, mutual respect, trust, a healthy dose of individualism and collectivism, and fulfilling their dreams.

A blessing in disguise

In January of 2009, she was blessed with bipolar disorder and was hospitalized for eight days. Since her late twenties and thirties, she struggled with bipolar, OCD and lupus. Thankfully, she’s in remission now. Nour believes those illnesses are a blessing and is thankful for them since she genuinely found: Herself, the universe, and God. She also found “bliss from grief and knowledge from gloom”(Khalil Gibran). She has faith that humanity can, too. Her mission is to help individuals to thrive through applying the shared gems of her research and experience into their lives.

Introducing Blizzard Head

Get to know Nour's first self-help book.

Feel empowered

No matter where you are on your level of faith and/or sanity, it may be just what you want to get back on track and to use your wings.

Discover yourself

Blizzard Head allows you to consider, analyze, love, and appreciate everything about yourself, our universe, and God.

Explore synchronicities

In order to keep life miraculous, Blizzard Head also gives you hope through fascinating discussions about synchronicities.