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Blizzard Head’s Intended Audience
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Blizzard Head’s Intended Audience

Everyone who is empathetic, loving, curious, and has the intention to learn are welcome here!

Granted, to begin, as I was writing my spiritual self-help book, I was keenly aware and considerate of my amazing atheist and agnostic brothers and sisters in humanity. I am aware of their views of why they think God is unpopular.

Yet, since God is doing so much good for me and all of us, I couldn’t help but acknowledge God in my book and highly recommend remembering Him to everyone. Out of my deep love for wanting the best for them and what I love for myself, I had to simplify getting to know The God (In Arabic: Al-Lah) so they can understand, consider and accept God if they wish. It is their choice after all that does require an open mind, logic and intuition.

May God Guide Us All

Whether you’re on the fence about God or all in, we all have this choice to make from The Trust of free-will and moral obligation. Even if we think we’re on the path, it’s our ego talking. May God guide us to the right path. Amen!

Likewise, my other audience that my book is intended for are for the following individuals who are:

  • Spiritually lost and trying to reclaim their spirituality
  • Depressed/losing their minds
  • Apathetic
  • Lonely
  • Afraid
  • Insecure
  • Self-doubting
  • Searching for their life’s purpose, higher self, God-Consciousness and trust in God, faith, hope, love and empathy
  • Interested in spirituality (metaphysics), science (quantum physics, neurology, psychology), philosophy, art (painting, singing, music, etc.)
  • Curious about and/or interested in Sufism
  • Reluctant and groggy readers (from disinterest in reading, on heavy medications or otherwise)
  • Those struggling with mental illness and/or suicidal thoughts or know a loved one that is
  • Looking to keep going in life
  • From all faiths and all backgrounds.

Introducing Blizzard Head

Without further ado, from one traveler to another: I present to you Blizzard Head. It’s a conversational free-verse cheat sheet to keep going in life type of book. Ultimately through faith in God with a generous dash of Sufism.

It’s perfect for my readers who are in low spirits, groggy, need company and even reluctant in any way. More so, it’s fitting for all readers from all backgrounds who are experiencing the topics at hand and are searching for something new to try.

As a new author, I would be deeply honored if my first book helps at least one individual to find The Light again, Insha’Allah. Or, at least, to feel good again.

Thank you for your consideration of the aforementioned. I am looking forward to sharing our journeys together. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you whether through a like, comment or review on my Instagram at , this website or Amazon.

This is all vulnerably, humbly, yet chipperly, written by me, a Muslim-American. Alhamdulah, I have personally experienced all of the above listed bullet-points and kept going. It can happen to anyone.

I find Blizzard Head as a rather progressive book that’s inclusive of topics we don’t always discuss because we’re forced to suffer alone, in quiet desperation. It's all because of the ancient, haunting question: “What would people say?”

Well, we don’t have to be alone anymore. We can unite, shine a light on the problem, and heal together. I have faith in my readers and want you all to know that that we can grow and heal successfully together. To bless our journey with ease and flow, I must say as a believer, respectfully: In the Name of God…



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