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What Is Reiki and How Does It Help? What's Sufi Reiki Healing?
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What Is Reiki and How Does It Help? What's Sufi Reiki Healing?

Concisely, Reiki Healing is a scientifically proven Japanese technique that helps heal and reduce stress. The Japanese technique is energy healing through taping into The Universal Life Force Energy or The Divine (depending on where you as a healer place your faith in). Ultimately, it’s the same energy or light. Anyone can perform Reiki, yet you need a certified and ICRT recognized Reiki Master if you want to make it your accredited profession.

Granted, energy healing is an ancient practice that is applied by all faiths and backgrounds. Healers don't heal, that would be their ego doing the work. God, The Divine Heals, when you surrender to Him and ask Him to heal someone. A Reiki Healer is basically a conduit of the Divine Healing Energy through placing their healing hands over or gently on the attuné (the individual receiving healing). It takes pure intention centered on love and positive visualization that the attuné is in their best, healed self. That’s Reiki Healing in a nutshell. What’s special about Reiki is that someone recognized and harnessed it. His name is Master Teacher Dr. Mikao Usui.

How Does Reiki Help?

Reiki healing clears all of the negative energy from the attuné’s body. It allows chakra blockages to free-flow and it helps balance the attuné’s mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. Chakra blockages are caused by unhealed trauma(s) that’s been internalized. Reiki can help release subconscious beliefs about yourself enough so that you feel lighter. It helps you let go of the negative emotional baggage that you may be carrying around. Reiki compliments western medicine and is never a substitute for traditional medicine, psychiatry or therapy.

Another way that it helps is by creating feelings of peace, relaxation, security, and wellness in the attuné. Likewise, it helps individuals suffering from all types of illnesses and conditions such as chronic pain. It also helps individuals prepare for surgerychemotherapy, and/or radiation treatment; Reiki is especially beneficial for cancer patients.

Sufi Reiki Healing With Nour

Just like the author, psychoanalyst, post-trauma recovery specialist, and activist, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes mentioned, “We do not become healers. We came as healers. We are. Some of us are still catching up to what we are.” The same goes with “storytellers…artists…writers, dancers, musicians, helpers, and peacemakers.” Estes’s point was that:

“We do not learn to love in this sense. We came as love. We are love. Some of us are still catching up to who we truly are.”

Alhamdulah (thanks to God), I’m super excited to share that I received a Reiki Level I & II Certification from Simply Reiki Houston! My certification is recognized by the ICRT, of International Center for Reiki Training. In particular, my Reiki method is Usui/Holy Fire II. That means my knowledge has been passed down from the lineage of Master Teacher Dr. Mikao Usui. Holy Fire II means that I demonstrated proficiency in the use of its symbols in administering hands-on and distant healing the transmission of spiritually guided Life Force Energy (God’s Divine Energy) for the first and second degree Reiki. Symbols are tools to help remind us to purify our intentions and focus on the type of healing intended based on the recalled symbol: Overall Power Healing, Mental/Emotional Healing, or Distance Healing.

With that said, Alhamdulah, I finally caught up with what I am: A healer. In particular, I am a literary and energy healer. Loving intention is what I have in my heart and seeing my attunés in their highest good is what I positively visualize. Alhamdulah! I thank God and my husband, Jason A. Fain, for his support for that along with my Reiki Master Teacher, Victoria McSpadden, for sharing her wisdom heart-to-heart.

My goal is to merge Sufi and Reiki healing together, or rather to upgrade my Reiki practice to Sufi Energy Healing. On my end, I still intend and want to work on gradually understanding, memorizing and applying the whole Qur’an. After all, the Qur’an was initially sent as a healing, mercy and a guide and it still is. Likewise, Alhamdulah, I am also guided by Shiekh Mehmet Adil through the lineage of his late father Sufi Muslim Sheikh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani (God Bless his soul). Remembering God and having a connection to a Sheikh helps to:

  • Stay on the right track
  • Keep me humble and grounded
  • Make decisions from my highest self rather than ego
  • Remember to choose love over fear in my decisions
  • Remember and believe in all possibilities especially miracles

Alhamdulah, my brother and spiritual development coach, Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi, has helped guide me, as well, to better my relationship(s) with myself, the people in my life, and our Creator. I highly recommend him as a spiritual development coach at Alhamdulah and thank you all, my dearest teachers, guides and supporters.

Like the aforementioned goes: The most important aspect in Sufi Reiki Healing is pure, good intentions that come from a place of love, supplications, Qur’anic recitations and positive visualization in envisioning the attuné in their best good.

I would like to remind everyone that there is a healer within you all. Sometimes, we need an extra boost from someone's good presence, sincere support and being there to read Qur'an on us as we supplicate to God when we are most vulnerable. Remember, it is in our weak moments that God is especially mindful of us and is attentively awaiting your own supplications that He promises to answer. So remember God, and you know it, He'll especially remember you and bless you generously in every way and especially at the perfect times.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more about Sufi Reiki healing and/or how I may assist.

With that said, may God guide, have mercy on and heal us all. Allahuma Amen! In the Name of God: Bismillah…



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