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Disclaimer For My Work
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Disclaimer For My Work


“And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know.”

Carry On My Wayward Son,” Kansas, 1975


I feel that it is imperative for me to tell you that, I don’t know. I’m also a poor nobody...without God’s contentedness with me (still striving for that and to maintain it). 

With it, of course, we are all rich somebodies! We’ll never know until Qiyama. In the meantime, hope we get synchronicities to help us know that we’re on track.

How? Ask. Ask that Presence that you feel when you’re brushing your teeth in front of the mirror or when you’re cooking a meal, for example.

 Come closer.


I want you to be your own truth seeker. I want you to swim deep, rise and then float in the Divine Ocean of Love…That’s how we get by in life, especially when we question our reality enough to break free. Yikes!

Also, please review my disclaimer within Blizzard Head (2022) which is the following:

 “Notably and kindly: I am not a medical doctor or a licensed medical professional of any type. I am not a spiritual development coach, scholar of theology or sheikha (female Islamic Studies scholar).

 If you need medical help, then please seek a medical professional; More specifically, from a medical doctor.

 If you need scholarly spiritual help, then please seek it within your heart, with the assistance of Holy Books, theological books and/or a spiritual development coach. God Knows Best. My tip: Remember to sincerely ask God for guidance. He’s Present and Always Near. Some may refer to Him as “The Source”, “The Light,” or “The Universe” depending on where your faith is at this point. Intuitively, I feel it is all the same Origin of Light and Love that we seek help, inspiration, and motivation from.

 I am a traveler of this world, just like you. I am a humble, life-long learner. Within this book are gems I collected along the way in which I would like to share. 

May God guide us to the straight path, keep us there and may God unite us all in His Highest Heaven after a long happy, healthy, peaceful, love-filled, and prosperous life. Allahuma Amen times infinity.”

I hope Blizzard Head set off some alarms in your head through a blizzard of questions that you have to seek answers for…

That’s golden to me. Thank you, especially if this is you. Alhamdulah times infinity! 

So, go out there and get some books! Read some books! Read a lot of books, articles, you name it! Just read, and especially question everything and especially authority: From God to an atom and everything in between.

 Apply your knowledge. Learn from your experiences. Extract the wisdom from  your truth-seeking, experience-filled saga. It’ll give you the rest-assuredness that will save your soul. I promise you, especially when you finally surrender…



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