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Butterfly Effect (Chaos Theory)

Butterfly Effect (Chaos Theory)

First, let us marvel at the name: The Butterfly Effect. Sounds so beautiful, right? A creature that’s so tiny, light, majestic, spiritual, aesthetic and brings hope finally gets recognition. Likewise, this discovery by Edward Norton Lorenz, will bring you hope, too.

Who Discovered the Butterfly Effect?

Edward Norton Lorenz is known as the father of The Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect. He received his master’s in mathematics from Harvard University and a doctorate in Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Discovering The Butterfly Effect (Chaos Theory) came about on his way to figuring out what makes weather forecasts efficient. Lorenz concluded that a small deviant, including initial conditions, resulted in tremendous changes. Since we can’t predict the long-term weather, like years in advance for example, The Chaos Theory was born. At first, his findings were rejected. Several decades later, they were finally acknowledged by the world of meteorology and quantum physics, as well.

What Is The Butterfly Effect?

Have you heard of the seemingly age-old question, “Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil Set Off a Tornado in Texas?" Well, that question came from Lorenz’s academic paper that he presented in 1972 which questioned predictability. Notably, the Butterfly Effect isn’t a theory but it explains an occurrence, or phenomenon within The Chaos Theory.

In a nutshell, The Butterfly Effect depicts how small actions can have vast and tremendous reactions…or “chaotic reactions.” These tremendous reactions may occur in events within your own life, someone else’s life near you or across the globe. The small actions, or initial conditions, may begin as anything. Prophet Yousef (Joseph), may peace be upon him, is a great example of this phenomenon.

From a Dream Interpreter to a Finance Minister of Egypt

Remember, when Prophet Yousef sought imprisonment as a refuge with God rather than being seduced by the Chief Minister of Egypt’s wife, Zulaika, along with the women of the city. Since he asked for refuge in God, God inspired Zulaika to imprison Prophet Yousef.

While Prophet Yousef was in prison, he became like a “life coach” and “dream interpreter” to two men who recognized his righteousness, honesty and piety. One day, he interpreted their dreams that one of the men would be freed and become the king’s servant and the other crucified. Those interpretations came true and Prophet Yousef requested from the free-man to mention him to the king so that the king would free him from his oppressive case.

Of course, people plus the Shaytan’s whispers clouding their minds, tend to be forgetful; The free-man forgot. Eventually, the King of Egypt had a troubling, convoluted dream and called all his interpreters. Nobody seemed to know of the right interpretation of the king’s dream. Or, at least, their interpretations didn’t resonate.

Suddenly, the free-man remembered Prophet Yousef and had him eventually brought to interpret the king’s dream. Not only was Prophet Yousef able to interpret it, but also advised the king on what to do. The king was amazed and freed Prophet Yousef from his imprisonment and restored his innocence. On top of that, he was entrusted with a high position as the Finance Minister of Egypt. The story goes on and Prophet Yousef gets reunited with his family again.

Prophet Yousef’s honesty, patience, and, especially, wise dream interpretations got him out of prison and in a high rank several years later. Who would have known?

What Value Does the Butterfly Effect Bring To The Table?

We know that string theory connects us on the same string. The butterfly effect suggests that the smallest action on a string affects the other vibrations on the string, or people rather. This means that your actions, no matter how small at one point in your life, may dramatically change the course of events in your life or other peoples’ lives. What you do matters, no matter how small it is. Be mindful of your actions. Make sure they are good and they come from a place of love and wisdom, and good intentions so that you will see good come back to you and/or others in the future.



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