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We Are One Through String Theory
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We Are One Through String Theory

Granted, quantum physics isn’t for the faint at heart. If you’re like me, it may take every single brain cell to wrap your head around a theory or a concept. With that said, we can still learn from the branch of science that ultimately brushes against and almost merges with having faith in God.

Through all of my research on quantum physics, I can safely say that quantum physics is the branch of science that measures the smallest form of energy and explains how the visible and invisible aspects of our reality works. That wasn’t so bad, right? In essence string field theory, or string theory for short, comes from the quantum physics world.

Through studying string theory, I discovered the reality of a valuable treasure that I have intuitively known: We are all one. We come from the same origin and we exist on the same string that connects our quantum fields. Quantum fields are basically particles, or matter, communicating with one another within the electromagnetic field and the electron field that interact and transfer energy. Ultimately, we all come from the breathe that God breathed into Adam. And everything else? Let’s find out how string theory connects us. Shall we?

What Is the String Theory?

Award-winning physicist, Edward Witten (2003) will help us understand how string theory unites us. Witten (2003), states his viewpoint on string theory in an interview with PBS NOVA:‍

“Unity of the different forces and particles is achieved because they all come from different kinds of vibrations of the same basic string.” 

The “string” is as to a universal tapestry that contains all lives. “Unity...of different kinds of vibrations” is a collection of masterpieces of individuals' lives on the same string. Each masterpiece is each person successfully living their best life and dedicating their life for the good of the whole. What you paint or do will affect another person’s life. This sort of reminds me of The Butterfly Effect.

Back to string theory. String theory is also known as “the theory of everything.” Theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku states that it must have existed before Big Bang. Interesting, huh? String theory is said to consist of a multiverse of universes brought by the Big Bang. Kaku suggests the possibility of going between universes via a wormhole. Imagine that. Did our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) travel to the heavens through a wormhole? Who knows? It’s still mind-blowing, none the less.

What Is the Purpose of String Theory?

Besides uniting us, which is a big deal, the purpose of string theory is to find and solve many mysteries such as “extra dimensions, black holes, dark matter, dark energy and maybe even the origin and fate of the universe itself.”  Basically, the theory was created to help explain the way all particles interact.

And do you remember how one discovery leads to another? For example, first we had chariots and now we have cars. In the future, flying cars may be prevalent. Well…what if we do discover multiple dimensions and all the “space-time mysteries?” We already landed on Mars and the moon. We’re not too far from another break-through discovery that will help us answer the following questions:

  • Would we be able to travel to and through dimensions?
  • Can we survive going through a wormhole?
  • How can we breathe and eat when and if we can go through dimensions?

Interesting Fact About String Theory

An interesting fact about the string theory: The string is made up of quarks, aka the basic units of matter. Or rather, “each quark is a string.” Also, all efforts in coming up with string theory are collective. With that said, I would like to thank the diverse group of people that helped paint the picture of what string field theory is, what it does and the way it unites us. Thank you and may you prosper.

A Thought to Ponder

String theory holds us together. Although our ancestors moved on from this earth and are currently existing in another realm in space and time, are they still a part of the string theory? How about future generations? Do they already exist on the string theory in nonlinear time, although they're not presently living on earth yet? It's mind blowing to think that we all are collectively on the same string: past, present and future generations. Neat, huh? Hence, time-traveling sounds like one of our next topics of discussions. Till then! 



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